Anti-Breakage Fortifying Treatment Ampoules



Fortifying Anti-Hair Loss Cure Ampoules for weakened hair with a tendency to fall out. During a peak of hair loss, the application of these bulbs to the scalp effectively reduces the intensity of this loss from the root, while enhancing the hair. A hydro-alcoholic formula that penetrates quickly so as not to weigh down the roots. A high concentration of active ingredients that promote the anchoring of the bulb in the scalp, while creating an environment favorable to the growth of strong hair. These blisters soothe and reduce itching by strengthening the protective barrier of the scalp.

How to use it?

Use daily in the morning or before going to bed, during periods of intense hair loss. Break off the top of the ampoule to use the silicone applicator. Apply an ampoule to dry or towel-dried scalp, section by section, simultaneously pressing down on the bottom of the ampoule. Gently massage the product into the hair. Do not rinse. It is recommended to use it as a cure for six weeks.

Use this fortifying anti-hair loss ampoule once a day for six weeks to reduce hair loss and optimize fiber retention.


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