Bain Satin 1 Shampoo

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The best shampoo for normal to slightly dry hair. A gentle shampoo with conditioning polymers and lipid agents to optimize hair nutrition and shine. It is a hydrating shampoo containing a combination of lipids and glucose, which brings shine, suppleness as well as softness and prolonged nourishment to the hair, from root to tip. Our Bain Satin 1 protein shampoo is formulated with protein to rehydrate dry hair from the inside out. This gentle shampoo is suitable for daily use.


  •  Provides optimal nutrition to the hair fiber

  • Leaves hair silky and shiny

  •  Gives hair a light and subtle finish

How to use it?

Step 1. Apply a dab of this moisturizing shampoo to wet hair and scalp.
Step 2. Wash the hair and massage the product deep into the hair and scalp, applying well to all strands.
Step 3. Rinse this moisturizing shampoo completely from the hair.
Step 4. For complete nutrition, then use Lait Vital Proteiné.
Step 5. For best results, use this moisturizing shampoo regularly.


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