Nutrifier conditioner


Nourishing silicone-free treatment for dry hair. A new professional formula containing glycerol and coconut oil in a light texture. The hair is instantly transformed: softer, more supple, shinier to the ends.

Hair type

  • Dry hair


+ Nutrition

+ Flexibility

+ Shine

+ Sweetness


Glycerol: Active emollient

  • Mimics natural nutritional elements of fiber.

  • Significantly improves hair nutrition.

  • Moisturizing action.

Coconut oil: rich in essential fatty acids 

  • Nourishes dry hair without weighing down the fiber.

  • Brings shine, softness and shine to the hair.

  • Protects split ends.

How to use it?

Distribute over washed and towel-dried hair. Emulsify. Rinse.

To complete your routine

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