Magistral Severely Dry Hair Deep Treatment Hair Care Set

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The set provides nourishing care aimed at making the hair supple and irresistibly soft to the touch. This set targets the signs of very dry hair at their very core with a range of tailor-made products for dry hair. The set includes a shampoo, a hair mask and a heat-protective base. As a result, the boost of nourishing and protective hydration makes the hair healthier.

This trio includes:

Magistral Bath
Bain Magistral is a shampoo for dry and very dry hair. Severely dry hair regains its natural hydration with this hydrating shampoo, containing Benzoin resin. This resin recreates the hair's inner nutrition, while Irisome 4600PPM protects hair from drying out. This shampoo for dry hair removes impurities while restoring hair to its supple texture and shine. Bain Magistral is the best shampoo for dry and damaged hair because it offers fundamental nutrition, it protects the hair from external forces such as oxidation or the use of heating devices and it eliminates impurities.

Master Mask
Masque Magistral is a deep moisturizing mask specially designed for very dry and thick hair. This hydrating hair mask contains the highest concentration of Benzoin resin, a resin that recreates the hair's inner nutrition to deeply nourish hair, while Irisome 4600PPM protects hair from drying out. The ceramide found in this deep hydrating hair mask provides radiant shine and supple texture. A hydrating hair mask that provides exceptional nutrition, makes detangling easier and leaves thick hair softer to the touch. Our dry hair mask is perfect for thick hair that requires intensive care and nutrition.

Thermal Nectar
Nectar Thermique is both a leave-in conditioner and a thermal protector for normal to dry hair. The Iris Royal Complex produces active agents to nourish and protect the hair from external forces, while the Royal Jelly regenerates the hair fiber and leaves a shiny finish. They also act as a heat protector for the hair, protecting the strands from damage from drying and heated tools, while making styling easier. This leave-in conditioner is a great addition to daily styling routines.


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