Bain Densité Shampoo 500ml


Bain Density is a daily thickening shampoo, specially designed for people looking to regain hair density and thickness. This thickening shampoo contains vitamins for thicker hair, as well as Power Renewal Complex + Ceramide technology to restore and strengthen hair fiber, while protecting hair against stress. The Gluco-Peptide Complex restores the smooth and uniform surface of the hair cuticle to give it shine and resilience. Fine hair is now a thing of the past as hair grows thicker with the use of this thickening shampoo. It also awakens dormant follicles to improve hair texture, density and resilience. The hair gets more body and bounce, for stronger hair that looks visibly fuller and thicker.

How to use it?

Step 1. Apply a dab of the thickening shampoo to wet hair.
Step 2. Emulsify and massage the product into the hair.
Step 3. Rinse the thickening shampoo completely from the hair.
Step 4. For best results and thicker hair, continue with Density Fondant.

To complete your routine

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