Bain Vital Dermo-Calm - Deluxe Size



Bain Vital Dermo Calm is an itchy scalp shampoo and scalp moisturizer that reduces itchiness and sensitivity of the scalp. This hypoallergenic shampoo contains calophyllum oil, which soothes irritation thanks to its anti-inflammatory action, and glycerin to hydrate the scalp and thus prevent further irritation. Piroctone, another ingredient in this sensitive scalp shampoo, works as an anti-bacterial agent to relieve itching. Our itchy scalp shampoo helps remove impurities gently, while soothing the scalp and reducing scalp discomfort. Our best hypoallergenic and hydrating shampoo for an itchy scalp.

How to use it?

Step 1. Apply a small amount of this sensitive scalp shampoo to wet hair.
Step 2. Massage hair with fingertips to activate micro-circulation.
Step 3. Rinse the hair thoroughly with Bain Vital Dermo Calm shampoo for itchy scalp.


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