Bain Après-Soleil Shampoo



After-sun shampoo enriched with coconut water to gently remove chlorine, salt and sand residues and restore hair softness and hydration. On wet hair, its translucent gel texture adheres to purify the scalp and lengths for a deeply refreshing and hydrating effect. Hair is hydrated over all lengths for instantly embellished, luminous and silky locks. The hair is scented with an addicting summer scent with hints of jasmine and solar tuberose.

How to use it?

Wet the hair and wring out the excess water well before applying the equivalent of a twenty-five cent piece of shampoo by small touches on 5 targeted areas of the hair. Add water and emulsify. Concentrate on the scalp for this first shampoo, massaging with your fingertips to dislodge impurities. Rinse well. Apply the equivalent of a quarter of shampoo a second time in small dabs and add water. This second wash will produce a lot more lather which will make cleaning from lengths to ends easier. Rinse well. Continue hydration with Cicaflash Fondant or Ultra-Violet Mask.


To complete your routine

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