Bain Divalent - Deluxe Size



Bain Divalent is our shampoo for oily scalp that purifies oily roots by regulating excess sebum production, while glycerin hydrates the scalp to protect it from external aggressions. With this shampoo for oily scalp, combination hair and dry hair with oily scalp are rebalanced. The product relieves itching thanks to menthol and piroctone, an active anti-bacterial ingredient that prevents dandruff. This regulating shampoo allows the hair to regain its natural balance, while restoring softness and shine to the hair. Bain Divalent is our shampoo for oily scalp, specially designed to purify and treat dry hair with oily scalp.

How to use it?

Step 1. Apply this regulating shampoo to wet hair.
Step 2. Massage to activate micro-circulation.
Step 3. Thoroughly rinse our shampoo for oily scalp from the hair.
Step 4. For best results, use with Hydra-Soothing Mask.


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