Bain Fluidéaliste Shampoo


Bain Fluidéaliste Sulphate Free is a sulfate-free, keratin-infused anti-frizz shampoo designed specifically for curly hair looking for frizz protection. This keratin shampoo contains Morpho-Keratin complex, which restores suppleness and fluid movement to the hair, while protecting the hair from frizz and moisture. Our shampoo for curly hair gently cleanses hair and roots, while delivering the right amount of care to restore hair fiber, and providing anti-frizz protection and a natural feel to hair. Frizz is now a thing of the past with this keratin-infused sulfate-free anti-frizz shampoo.

How to use it?

Step 1. Apply a small amount of the smoothing shampoo to wet hair.
Step 2. Start with the roots, then distribute the product over the lengths
Step 3. Emulsify and completely rinse our anti-frizz hair product from the hair.

To complete your routine

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