Bain Thérapiste Shampoo


The Therapist Bath is our protein shampoo to repair damaged hair. It is a shampoo specially designed for damaged hair, with a unique gel texture that reduces friction when washing. This shampoo for damaged hair contains 6 amino acids for hair, characterized by their ability to attach to damaged areas of the hair. They compensate for the loss of hair mass in order to repair damaged hair. Our shampoo for damaged hair is packed with amino acids for hair, which help weakened and brittle hair to rebuild and protect itself from possible damage.

How to use it?

Step 1. Apply a dab of our protein shampoo to wet hair, starting at lengths and ends.
Step 2. Once the shampoo foams well, spread the product on the roots.
Step 3. Rinse this shampoo out completely for damaged hair, avoiding too much friction.
Step 4. When finished, apply Ciment Anti Usure to help repair damaged hair.

To complete your routine

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