Bright Blonde Sun Lightening Mist


Extend your vacation and gradually lighten your blonde highlights with the warmth of sun (or your hair dryer). Our peroxide-free spray is made from a natural blend of lemon and chamomile to lighten highlights while providing lightweight hydration and UV protection. Beach style hair, but even better.


➮ Allows you to gradually brighten and enhance reflections and increase their luminosity
➮ Hydrates and nourishes without weighing down
➮ Adds shine and reflective brightness
➮ Protects against damage and dryness caused by UV rays
➮ Peroxide free

How to use it?

Shake vigorously. Spray on damp or dry hair where you want to create highlights or spray all over. Bask in the sun or blow-dry with a hairdryer to gradually lighten the hair. Repeat daily until you achieve the desired lightening.

To complete your routine

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