SteamPod 3.0 and Discipline Bundle

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For difficult-to-comb, wavy, frizzy, permed hair that wants smooth texture and daily discipline.

The set includes:
SteamPod 3.0 Steam straightener
SteamPod 3.0 is a steam straightener that allows you to instantly transform your hair into straight or wavy hair without the damage.
➭ Long-wearing looks
➭ Instant shine
➭ 2x faster and 2x softer
➭ 78% less damage compared to a traditional flat iron

Fluidealist Bath, 250ml
Bain Fluidéaliste Sulphate Free is a keratin-infused sulfate-free anti-frizz shampoo designed especially for curly hair looking for frizz protection. This keratin shampoo contains Morpho-Keratin Complex, which restores suppleness and fluid movement to the hair, while protecting the hair from frizz and moisture. Our shampoo for curly hair gently cleanses hair and roots, while delivering just the right amount of care to restore hair fiber, and providing anti-frizz protection and a natural feel to hair. Frizz is now a thing of the past with this keratin infused sulfate-free anti-frizz shampoo.

Thermal Keratin, 150ml
Keratin Thermique is a styling cream and keratin smoothing treatment to discipline frizzy hair. This hair straightening treatment contains thermal protective active ingredients, which seal the scales of the hair fiber to protect it from drying and styling devices heated up to 180 degrees. This styling cream also contains amino acids to regenerate the fiber, and Ceramide R to strengthen the fiber. The anti-humidity and anti-frizz properties guarantee hair with a long-lasting anti-frizz effect. Curly hair is a thing of the past with this keratin straightening treatment, which leaves hair shiny, smoother and perfectly icy.


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