SteamPod 3.0 and Extentioniste Bundle

$466.19 $523

For weakened hair looking for healthy lengths.

The set includes:
SteamPod 3.0 Steam straightener
SteamPod 3.0 is a steam straightener that allows you to instantly transform your hair into straight or wavy hair without the damage.
➭ Long-wearing looks
➭ Instant shine
➭ 2x faster and 2x softer 
➭ 78% less damage compared to a traditional flat iron

Extentionist Bath, 250ml
Bain Extentioniste is a fortifying shampoo and fortifying treatment for the hair, which stimulates the growth of strong hair from the root. Bain Extentioniste is a shampoo which helps the hair to grow in length, but which also helps to strengthen the hair thanks to Creatine, an amino acid which penetrates deeply to strengthen the internal structure of the hair fiber. Hair that is sensitized and more prone to breakage is strengthened with this fortifying hair treatment. The internal structure of the hair is reconstructed and sealed to offer better protection to the hair, throughout its growth. Growing your hair has never been easier with this shampoo for long hair growth, Bain Extentioniste.

Thermal Extentionist, 150ml
It is a cream that protects against heat from hair dryers or heaters, and is designed to repair lengths and split ends. The blend of Thermo-Ceal Icing, Creatine R and Taurine instantly repair and restore hair fiber, reducing the chance of breakage by 93% after just one application.

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