Radiance, Magic and Hold Gel Serum


For who?

Ideal for men or women, long or short hair, straight or curly.

What about

  • A luxury gel reinvented

  • Gel for flexible hold; serum for hydration and natural shine

  • Thermal protection when styling with heat

  • Golden flakes reflect light for a sophisticated shine


For a discreet outfit with revitalization. To impart texture, shine and a natural luster. Leaves hair soft and supple.


  • A new polymer conditioner combines the properties of a conditioner with the characteristics of a styling agent, simultaneously providing control, revitalization, curl hold, shine and body.

  • Creatine smoothes hair while protecting it from damage caused by brushing, using the flat iron or blow dryer.

  • Microproteins from corn, wheat and soy are anti-aging agents and active moisturizers that repair, strengthen and protect from the inside out.

  • The glycoprotein derived from silk forms a moisturizing and protective layer that gives a long-lasting silky appearance.

  • The reflective golden pearl high-tech, leaves a refined shine.
    An evolved polymer protects against damage from treatments and styling with tools heating, especially during brushing and drying.

How to use it?

Start with a dab. Emulsify in the hands. Apply to damp hair. Optionally air-dry or dry with a hairdryer.

To complete your routine

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