Signature Hydrating Mask


For who?

For everyone.

What about

  • Super rich and deep revitalization

  • Does not weigh down

  • Repairing treatment

  • Best ingredients


Daily care for thick hair, weekly care for others.


  • Lychee extract protects hair against oxidative stress, photoaging and degradation natural keratin.

  • The extract of the edelweiss flower, sourced from the Swiss Alps, provides natural protection against the effects of drying, color degradation and damage from the elements.

  • Roman root extract, a plant found in Southeast Asia, provides natural protection against UV rays.

  • Keratin and hydrolyzed keratin strengthen damaged hair and protect the surface of hair fibers. Together, they enter the cortex to provide anti-aging benefits, maintain hair strength, and prevent degradation caused by UV rays.

  • Amber extract provides antioxidant, revitalizing and strengthening properties.Sunflower seed extract provides incredible shine.

  • Macadamia nut oil, from the Australian rainforest, smoothes the hair and gives it antioxidant properties.

  • Wild mango butter increases shine and facilitates disentangling.

How to use it?

After shampooing, massage in and let sit for five to ten minutes (or longer, if desired). Rinse.

To complete your routine

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