Masquintense Mask - Fine Hair


Masquintense - Fine Hair is a mask for dry hair specially designed for fine dry hair and extremely damaged. This mask for damaged hair contains natural lipid conditioning agents and emollients as well as the Irisome complex, an antioxidant which works in the heart of the hair fiber to nourish it and which protects the hair from oxidation and dryness. A mask for dry hair that brings shine and softness as well as exceptional nutrition without weighing down the hair, and which leaves the hair lighter and airy. This is the best mask for fine hair looking for intense nutrition.

How to use it?

Step 1. After using Bain Satin, apply a dab or two of this intense conditioning mask to damp hair.
Step 2. Massage the product into the hair, applying well to all strands, from roots to ends.
Step 3. Leave this hydrating hair mask on for 5-10 minutes, then rinse thoroughly.
Step 4. Use this mask for dry hair once a week, or when intense hydration is needed.

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