Absolu Refresh - Travel Size


Second day curl reviver spray enriched with Manuka honey and ceramides for curly, very curly and frizzy hair. Light mist instantly rehydrates and reactivates curl definition, shine and vitality between shampoos. Stimulates the natural formation of curls, improves their vitality and volume while reducing frizz and enhancing shine.

Lightweight, non-weighing formula with no product residue
➮ Curls regain their natural shape and instant definition
Keeps hair hydrated and soft
Improves vitality and volume
Reduces frizz for more suppleness and shine
➮ 24-hour protection against humidity

Pro tip
This reviver is ideal for maintaining the beauty of your curly hair the day after shampooing. Apply to mid-lengths and ends to tighten and revive your curls.

How to use it?

Use this hair product daily in the morning or anytime your curly hair needs definition again. Spray on dry hair to reactivate curls the next day and restore vitality and hydration.

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