Shu Uemura

Ashita Supreme routine for dull and damaged hair

$228.60 $254

A hair routine exfoliating and revitalizing for the scalp which strengthens and nourishes the hair.

This routine contains:

Ashita Supreme Shampoo
Ashita – “tomorrow” in Japanese – supreme is inspired by the extraordinary virtues of the ashitaba plant. This shampoo, enriched with ashitaba extract, cleans and smoothes hair. hair is instantly clean, smooth and shiny. 2x more shine.

Ashita Supreme Serum
The ashitaba extract with which the serum is enriched helps maintain softness and smooth texture. hair is instantly soft and smooth. their beauty is revealed in 24 hours.

The Ashita Supreme Scrub
This sea salt exfoliant, enriched with ashitaba extracts, cleanses and purifies the scalp by removing impurities and product residue. In addition to providing a feeling of freshness, it instantly rids the scalp of impurities and product residue.

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