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Routine Chroma Absolu serial colorist

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This routine includes:

Bain Riche Chroma Respect is a rich nourishing protective shampoo for all types of sensitized or damaged colored hair, mainly suitable for medium to thick hair. The highly nourishing formula takes care of the hair while respecting and preserving the hair color. Sulfate free.
     The Chroma Filler Mask is a rich anti-porosity mask that deeply fills all types of sensitized or damaged colored hair, mainly for medium to thick hair. This miracle treatment penetrates the core of the hair fiber to increase strength, recovery by filling hair porosity. The hair is healthier, nourished and reflects an intense shine, while the color lasts longer over time.
      Chroma Gloss Acid Treatment
      A high-shine resurfacing rinse-out treatment to enhance all color-treated hair types. A fluid, creamy transformative texture penetrates deep to hydrate and strengthen the fiber, while sealing the cuticles for maximum fiber transformation and intense softness, dramatic shine and less frizz caused by color damage.

        Chroma Thermal Serum
        A universal leave-in thermal anti-frizz serum for all sensitized or damaged colored hair. A fluid white texture enriched with antioxidant properties, lactic acid and centella asiatica which helps to preserve the color by completely protecting the fiber against all types of external aggressions: damage induced by UV, humidity, heat and oxidative stress.

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