Chronologiste Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo Hair Care Set

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Luxurious formulas for the sensory revitalization of the hair.

This trio includes

Regenerating Bath, 250ml
Revitalizing and invigorating shampoo fights against the signs of aging of the scalp and hair:

  • Gently removes impurities from the scalp and fibers.

  • Strengthens the hair.

  • Nourishes and hydrates the fibers.

  • Contains hyaluronic acid to fill and hydrate hair.

  • Restores shine

Regenerating Pre-Cleanse, 200ml
Youthful conditioning shampoo infused with Hyaluronic Acid, Abyssinian and Vitamin E. Gently removes impurities from the skin and fibers. Reveals more nourished and hydrated hair with a youthful voluptuousness.

  • Cleanses the scalp and roots deeply.

  • Eliminates dead skin cells and scaly skin.

  • Unclogs the pores of the scalp by removing pollution particles.

  • Leaves a feeling of revitalized and refreshed scalp.

Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo, 150g
Dry shampoo with fine scent notes to refresh roots and hair, suitable for all hair types.

  • Instant absorption of excess sebum from the scalp and hair.

  • Fine fragrance notes of neroli oil that last for 24 hours.

  • Fine powder spray that leaves hair light to the touch and leaves hair feeling clean.


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