Genesis Oily Weakened Hair Care Set

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Hair care set providing cleansing, treatment and protection. Designed to gently cleanse and control excess scalp sebum. Result: healthier, more hydrated hair, and optimal protection against hair loss linked to breakage.

This routine includes:

Hydra-Fortifying Bath, 250ml

  • Gently removes excess sebum and pollution particles from the scalp and hair.
  • Controls excess sebum.
  • Reduces the risk of hair loss linked to breakage.
  • 81% less hair loss linked to breakage.

Strengthening Fondant, 200ml

  • Anti-breakage action and fiber reinforcement.
  • Light texture that nourishes without weighing down the hair.
  • Provides strength and softness to the hair.
  • Brings shine and hydration to the hair.
  • Detangles and adds body to hair.
  • 98% less hair loss linked to breakage.

Thermal Defense, 150ml

  • Protection against hair loss linked to breakage.
  • Detangles and hydrates without frizz.
  • 24 hour frizz protection even in high humidity conditions.
  • Protects hair from the heat of heated tools up to 230 ° C.
  • Helps prevent split ends.
  • Leaves hair shiny and silky.
  • 99% less hair loss related to breakage.
  • Hair 88% more disentangled and hydrated.

Fortifying Anti-Breakage Serum, 90ml

  • Strengthens hair day after day.
  • Strengthens the scalp.
  • Helps to preserve the natural protective barrier of the scalp.
  • Strengthens the fiber from the root.
  • Significant anti-breakage efficacy after 6 weeks of use.

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