Resistance x Potentialist Routine

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Boost your Resistance collection with the first universal strengthening serum for the scalp microbiome, for beautiful, healthy hair.

This routine includes:

Bain Force Architecte , 250ml

Bain Force Architecte is our keratin shampoo, specially designed for weakened and brittle hair. This specialized shampoo for damaged hair has the combination of Vita Ciment® and Sève de Résurrection complex, to rebuild and strengthen the hair fiber from the inside, and for active reconstruction and revitalization of brittle hair. This shampoo for damaged hair helps rebuild weakened and brittle hair and protects it from future damage.

Anti-Wear Cement , 200ml
Ciment Anti Usure is one of our best conditioners for damaged hair. Repair damaged hair with the combination of Vita Ciment® Complex and Sève de Résurrection in this hair conditioner. These ingredients help repair damaged hair, ensuring that every fiber is deeply rebuilt and invigorated.

Potentialist Serum , 90ml
With a transparent gel-serum texture with rapid absorption, this hair serum will balance your scalp.

To complete your routine

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