Symbiose Routine - Dry hair

$103.50 $115

This Kérastase routine for dry, dandruff-prone hair fights dandruff, soothes the sensitivity of the scalp, and deeply hydrates it.

What type of film do you have?

  • Small white flakes that tend to fall on the shoulders ➱ your scalp is dry!
  • Oily dandruff that tends to stay on the scalp and along the lengths ➯ your scalp tends to be oily!

This duo includes:
Soothing Bath Cream
Soothing moisturizing shampoo sensitive scalp prone to dandruff

  • Hair is smoother
  • Hair is hydrated and revitalized
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for sensitive scalps
  • Tolerance validated

Essential Soothing Melt
Intense soothing conditioner sensitive, dandruff-prone scalp. Light treatment that instantly soothes the scalp and hydrates the hair:
  • Light, gentle and powerful formula
  • 50% more softness
  • Reduces scalp dryness
  • The fiber is plumped
  • 96% more nutrition and hydration
  • 96% more strength
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Suitable for sensitive scalps

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