Shu Uemura

Yubi Blonde Routine to Neutralize Fine to Medium Coppery Hair

$194.40 $216

This luxury routine for blondes helps replenish hair after lightening services and lightly neutralize unwanted yellow tones. These treatments reveal hair with a radiant finish and sumptuous feel.

This routine contains:

Yubi Blond Radiance Revealing Shampoo
This yūbi blonde shine-revealing shampoo is ideal for bleached and highlighted blonde hair. It gently cleanses and conditions hair to give it a natural shine and sumptuous feel. Infused with white peony, the shine-enhancing shampoo is ideal for bleached and highlighted blonde hair.

Yubi Blonde Purple Shampoo
A deep, intense purple gel-cream, enriched with fresh Japanese pigment and infused with white peony. This purple anti-false reflection yūbi blonde shampoo intensely nourishes hair while neutralizing unwanted brassy tones and yellow tones.

Yubi Blonde Revitalizing Treatment
Yūbi blonde complete restructuring treatment is a pure transparent gel infused with Japanese white peony. It nourishes and replenishes hair from root to tip, providing intense softness and smoothing.

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