Shampoing Metal Detox


The metal present in the hair fiber causes a risk of breakage during coloring, highlighting and bleaching. Metal Detox Anti-Metal Cleansing Cream Shampoo detoxifies hair after any coloring, highlighting or highlighting service.

The rich and generous cream transforms into a concentrated foam to gently cleanse the fiber and eliminate the accumulation of metallic particles.

UNIQUE EXPERIENCE: gel with a light texture that foams slightly after emulsion. Easy to rinse.

ADDICTIVE PERFUME: a memorable citrus note associated with musky wood offering a unique experience.

For optimal results, follow with the Metal Detox anti-deposit treatment and protective mask to protect the fiber from the deposits of metal particles.

The professional 3-step in-salon protocol is the professional guarantee for your coloring, highlighting or bleaching services.

  • Step 1: Metal Detox Anti-Metal Neutralizing Pre-Treatment neutralizes metals before any color, highlight or bleach service.
  • Step 2: Metal Detox Anti-Metal Cleansing Cream detoxifies the hair after the technical service.
  • Step 3: The Metal Detox Protective Anti-Deposit Mask prevents new metal particles or pollution from returning.

Results? - 87%* risk of breakage, 100% optimized color result** and intense shine.

*Instrumental test, Metal Detox pre-treatment + Technical service + Shampoo + mask.

**No impact on lightening.

***Test Instrumental Metal Detox shampoing + masque


hair type
Colored, bleached or highlighted hair.

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