Resilience Shampoo


Strengthen fragile and weakened hair with this protective and extremely nourishing cleanser. Our blend of chia seeds, bio-fermented bamboo leaves and plant-based proteins with healing properties, penetrates the cortex of the hair to strengthen it from within while creating a scaffold around each hair fiber to strengthen the strands. A floral blend of daisy and honeysuckle extracts promote hair growth by strengthening hair from the roots and fortifying broken ends. Bring out the supernatural strength of the hair.

Main advantages:

  • Gently cleanses the hair without drying it out or damaging it.
  • Strengthens fragile hair from the inside out.
  • Creates a scaffold around each hair fiber to protect them from external aggressors.
  • Prevents breakage and hair loss and promotes lengthening over time.
  • Improves the pulling force and elasticity of each hair strand.

How to use it

Lather, relax and rinse.

To complete your routine

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