Extentioniste Lengthening Hair Set

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Care set optimizes and strengthens the lengths of damaged hair. It includes a shampoo and conditioner enriched with creatine, and a heat protection base in the form of a creamy gel based on creatine R and taurine, to strengthen and seal lengths and ends as well as protect them against heat up to at 450˚F.

This trio includes:

Extentionist Bath
This shampoo promotes the growth of strong hair from the root. Thin, brittle hair is strengthened from the inside of the hair fiber. Thus, the fiber is repaired and protected throughout its growth. The hair is perfectly cleansed and has the ideal environment to achieve the desired length.

Extentionist fondant
This ultra-detangling, light-textured fondant gently repairs hair for gentle, easy detangling that protects against breakage. Enriched with Creatine and Maleic Acid, it instantly penetrates the fiber and strengthens lengths. The hair material is visibly improved over the entire length, the fiber is smoothed, coated and repaired with a homogeneous silky feel.

Thermal Extentionist
If you want to have long and healthy hair, you must first protect it to avoid damage! The brand new Thermal Extentionist Milk from Kérastase contains Thermo-Seal Glazing, Ceratin R as well as Taurine to strengthen the hair from the inside while sealing the outside to make it supple.
This product protects your hair from temperatures up to 230 ° C! Plus, it reduces the risk of your hair breakage by up to 93%, for continued hair growth!

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