Force Architecte Damaged Hair Deep Treatment Hair Care Set

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The products in the Force Architecte collection completely replenish the hair fiber from within, allowing the hair to regain its vigor and shine from root to tip, in addition to facilitating styling. The Intra-Cylane complex reconstitutes a strong internal structure at each of the break points. Pro-keratin mimics the function of natural keratin by strengthening the fiber and filling in the voids. Ceramides close the cuticles by sealing the scales, smoothing and protecting the surface.

This trio includes:

Bain Force Architect

Daily reconstructive shampoo for brittle or damaged hair at erosion levels 1 and 2. Each fiber is replenished, revitalized, shiny and smooth. The hair is soft and firm to the touch, perfectly protected. Replenishes and strengthens the hair fiber, from root to tip. Helps prevent breakage and split ends.

Anti-Wear Cement

An invigorating and repairing conditioner for broken and damaged hair.

Thermal Cement

Give your weakened hair a soft, smooth and shiny shine with Thermal Cement, a fortifying leave-in milk that protects damaged hair.

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