How often should you wash your hair?

Written by: Annie Charland



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Being constantly bombarded with infomation coming from sources ranging from credible to questionable, it can be hard to find relevant answers to our everyday questions. Here at Les Coifferies d'Annie, part of our job is to inform our clients of the best practices to adopt in order for their hair and scalp to be the healthiest possible. 

Today, we are tackling the ideal frequency with which to wash your hair. Is there such as thing? If so, what is? If not, why? We looked at the research and here is what we gathered from it:


Let's start from the beginning, why does our hair become greasy?

The oily appearance of your hair can be explained by the accumulation of "waste" on your scalp. This "waste" comes from both endogenous factors (which comes from the body, internal factors) and exogenous factors (which comes from outside the body, external factors).

➮ Endogenous elements: sebum secretion and skin exfoliating processes.

➮ Exogenous elements: hair products, air pollution, pollen, etc.

The less frequently you wash your hair, the more sebum will accumulate on your scalp. This prolonged accumulation can have consequences, such as itching, the appearance of dandruff and increased general scalp sensitivity.


Let's dive right into the heart of the question: is there a universal optimal frequency for washing your hair?

Unfortunately, no! A wide range of factors influence the ideal time between each hair wash. Just like hair care products, the optimal cleaning frequency varies from one person to another, according to their needs.


Which factors influence the frequency with which to wash your hair?

          ➮ Hair type: In general, individuals with thinner hair will need to wash them more often than an individual with textured hair (wavy, curly or frizzy).

Your hair is constantly greasy and you don’t know what to do? Here is the hair routine we recommend: Specific Routine x Potentialist

          ➮ Physical activity: For example, an individual who does physical activity daily will have to clean his hair frequently to avoid the accumulation of sweat on his scalp.

          ➮ The use of styling products.


Want to space out your hair washes?

Here are some tips and tricks we have for you:


         ➮ Use dry shampoo

The dry shampoos we sell, have been selected because they leave little or no white cast when applied:

                    ○ Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo

                    ○ Kerastase’s Fresh Affair Dry Shampoo

                     L'Oréal Morning After Dust Dry Shampoo


        ➮ Use a shampoing adapted to your needs

Unsure of the best routine for your hair needs? Take our hair diagnostic quiz to discover it! 


         ➮ Shampoo your hair twice when washing it


         ➮ Learn how to style your hair when it gets greasy

Whether it is a slicked back hairstyle, a low bun, French braids... It is possible to camouflage the oily appearance of your hair!


         ➮ Touch your hair as little as possible in between washes


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