The added value of working at Les Coifferies d'Annie, from the perspective of a hairstylist.

Written by: Annie Charland



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As a premier hair salon, Les Coifferies d'Annie strives for excellence both in the experience provided to our clients and in the professional development of our hairstylists. ✂️✨

"It takes a village to raise a hairstylist"
This is the philosophy we embrace when welcoming newly graduated team members from hairdressing schools. By shadowing experienced stylists across various services, you gain from the collective expertise of the entire team, allowing you to develop and refine a broad range of skills.

Our approach of collaboration and skill-sharing fosters a work environment where gatekeeping has no place.

Opportunity to Specialize
Each team member has the chance and opportunity to specialize in their preferred services. This allows you to excel according to your interests, while ensuring that clients always receive expert care regardless of the requested service.

Continual Training
To facilitate knowledge sharing, we schedule monthly training sessions among our team members, allowing one's expertise to become another's. Whether it's mastering techniques like layered cuts, shags, bixies, or round brush styling, we aim to create a knowledge pool from which all team members can draw.

Moreover, to stay on top of trends and offer a complete range of professional services, we participate in various national and international training sessions each year. For example, in 2023, we attended:

  • The K Experience in Cancun;
  • L'Oréal Professionnel's World Tour in Los Angeles;
  • L'Oréal Professionnel's Portfolio Artistic Training in Montreal.

Summit Salon Compensation System
Unlike booth rental systems where stylists are independent contractors, our model rewards team members based on the demand for their time. As a salaried employee, your income grows with your dedication and contribution to our team.

Client Sharing
Aligning with our team philosophy, no client belongs to any single stylist. Instead, clients are matched with services based on the required expertise, beneficial if you are new to the job market or relocating and need to build a new client portfolio. This ensures that clients are always in the most skilled hands for their specific needs.

Team Building and Family Spirit
We focus on developing team chemistry to promote a healthy workplace atmosphere. Our social club organizes a variety of activities weekly—crab dinners, cocktail competitions, workouts, yoga—all aimed at fostering a sense of belonging at Les Coifferies d'Annie!